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ven. 17 nov.



Love from the Yoniverse

An intimate immersion for Women

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Love from the Yoniverse
Love from the Yoniverse

Heure et lieu

17 nov. 2023, 16:00 – 19 nov. 2023, 16:00

Val-de-Ruz, Les Splayes, 2206 Val-de-Ruz, Suisse

A propos de l'événement

Welcome sister...

to a weekend immersion dedicated to connecting with the loving and creative essence of your most intimate self as a woman and the gifts of female pleasure.

Release body shame and start reclaiming the sacred beauty, vitality, wildness, and pleasure of your womanhood. Heal mother and female lineage wounds and conditioning around being a woman, and relax into the unconditional love of the Great Mother. Cultivate safety, groundedness, and belonging, as well as feeling sexy, juicy and playful. Navigate the emotional landscape of being a sensitive and caring, sexual and powerful woman. Take ownership and guardianship of your Yoniverse, and commit to healing, awakening, enjoying, and expressing your feminine wisdom.

You are ready to go deeper into your wisdom of being a woman! Yes, we are going down to the core of enjoying our female bodies and living our sacred gifts of feeling, playing, and welcoming life fully through our senses.

The ‘Yoniverse’is the universe of the female genitals, the womb, the vulva, the vagina, the pussy, and the experience of engaging with these intimate parts of the female body. ‘Yoni’ is the Sanskrit word for the vulva and womb, referring to them as a Sacred Passage or Sacred Temple."The healthy, sexually well-treated vagina, in a society that respects women, can reliably ... deliver a strong activation of dopamine to the female reward system, as well as surges of oxytocin for connection, and opioids that drive the sensations of joy. So the vagina delivers to women the feelings that lead them to want to create, explore, communicate, conquer and transcend." Naomi Wolf - Vagina

This is a big deal, and you know it intuitively. Why?Liberated women are an untamable power of love, compassion, creativity and change on the planet.The liberation comes through your relationship with your body, a deep acceptance of your womanhood, and realising the divine nature of your embodiment.This opens up the gates of pleasure, bliss and wisdom through body and mind.Your womb is the portal of great potential in your life. She is your core as a woman. She holds so many super powers. Let’s meet her.

Maybe you haven’t yet dared to fully claim your female body and your pleasure?You might feel...My body went through so much that I’m ashamed of my body and probably I can’t feel the same pleasure as younger women (surgeries, giving birth, fatigue, menopause, ageing, etc.)I have low libido and feel disconnected from my Yoni, perhaps I’ll feel nothing and this won’t work for me.I have fluctuating libido and sensations, I feel confused about my body and disappointed in my intimate relationship(s).I’m afraid to unlock a flood of emotions that have been held inside for a long time.If I feel more sexual energy, pleasure and freedom, I’m afraid I’ll create chaos around me and not be able to function as normal.The Great Wall of Vulva

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. LET’S LEAN-IN TO SISTERHOOD.Don’t worry sister. All of these are our common fears and issues arising for us women. There’s nowhere to get to and no goal to achieve here. What makes a world of difference is loving presence and sisterhood.We will co-create a safe, welcoming space for you to explore and create a new story of acceptance, power and pleasure in you. Your own. One that is meaningful for you today.Your vitality is related to your body and mind being open and your sexual or lifeforce energy flowing, connected to your heart and consciousness. Then, not only will you enjoy your own body’s radiance and health, but also feel confident and safe with your sexual energy.The world needs more embodied, sexually liberated women connected with their hearts. The new society is already emerging and feminine qualities are helping to bridge so many dualities and disconnections nowadays.Dalai Lama said “The world will be saved by western women.” Yes, you are that woman too, despite all the insecurities or not knowing how.Let’s do this together, diving into sisterhood to hold the torch together to the new Earth.Painting by Aleah Chapin

Imagine if you could...Be loving towards your body rather than judging it. Accept it, exactly as it is. Get out of your head and go into your body and unleash the capacity to play.Create your own sense of safety and belonging. Have tools and practices to release emotions, anxiety, depression and fatigue. Communicate your boundaries and desires in order to be more heard and seen. Feel vibrant, with more energy and aliveness in your whole body, heart and soul. Feel juicy in your sexiness and feel free to express it. Let go of sexual shame and embody more confidence and relaxation. Enhance your relationship with more love, freedom, and meaningful sexual intimacy. Be open to accept more support from your sister queens.


Our time together will include Somatic, Artistic, Yogic, Tantric, Shamanic, and Circling approaches, to respect the rhythm, sensitivity and wisdom of the nervous system, Yoni and heart, and allow for each woman’s unique experience. Our programme will include: (subject to modifications)

Yoni Yoga / Orgasmic Yoga

Meditation and embodiment practices with breath, sound, movement and touch that help you connect with your Yoni-Heart, meet emotions, regulate your nervous system, and awaken energy and pleasure.

Time in Nature

Opening the senses and connecting with your naturally wild and erotic essence.

Body Love

Releasing shame and reclaiming the beauty and divine nature of your body.

Yoni Gazing and Puja

Seeing and honouring the female genitals (your genitals) as sacred and a woman’s body (your body) as the body of a Goddess.

Yoni Art

Exploring the creative essence of the feminine and the beauty of the vulva.

HerStory and Yoni Dialoguing

Listening to the experiences, expressions and wisdom of our wombs and vulvas.

Yoni Anatomy

Exploring the physical and pleasure anatomy of the female body.

Yoni Egg Ritual

Exploring the sensations, expressions and wisdom of the Yoni with the support of the Yoni egg.

Important: Every part of the programme is by invitation and optional. You take part in a way that feels right for you and your body at each moment. There is no pressure. This is your journey.

LOGISTICS Dates: 17 - 19 November 2023Check in: Friday 17 November, from 16h00 Opening Circle: 17h00 Check out: Sunday 19 November, at 16h00PricesTraining & Facilitation: CHF 3332 nights full board * Four bed room: CHF 345 * Two bed room: CHF 375 * Single room (large): CHF 435 * Single room (mini): CHF 345 (max. 10 participants)Whats included?All teaching, facilitation, coaching and accompaniment from Georgina and Marija in a small intimate group. Accommodation. Use of the wonderful purpose-built Shala and equipment.Delicious, vegetarian, high vibrational, conscious food during the retreat, two meals a day plus snacks. 1 post-retreat online reconnection and integration call with Georgina & Marija.Not included: Transport to and from the venue.Yoni Eggs and other personal items for practices

Georgina PeardGeorgina truly began her conscious healing and awakening journey with the Yoniverse in 2015 when she attended her first Spiritual, Sexual, Shamanic Experience. She knew that she needed to take her spiritual journey ‘down’ into her body and sexuality. It was a profound, often overwhelming experience.She grew up attending a Catholic convent school in Ireland and had no education or guidance around the sacredness of her body, her blood, and her sexuality. She immersed herself for the next years in retreats and experiences that would heal deep wounds of conditioning and shame, and quite quickly open her up to remembering her sacred feminine wisdom, her connection to the Universal Mother, and the sexual shaman and Temple priestess within. Since 2017 she has been facilitating, holding space and assisting on large retreats around sacred sexuality and embodied intimacy internationally.Georgina whisperer and priestess of sacred space. She is an experienced shamanic-tantric bodyworker and massage therapist, embodiment and intimacy guide, circle coach, yoga teacher and group facilitator. Driven by an imprint of embodied love, she creates experiences for men and women to feel a deepening sense of safety, connection, belonging, love and freedom in their bodies, in relationships, in community, and on the Earth. After a 15 year career in international nature conservation, Georgina has been offering her gifts to support personal and collective peace and transformation for more than 12 years.ABOUT THE FACILITATORSis abody-heart-soul

Marija KocijasevicFrom an early age Marija was sexually curious and entering into the world of the ‘Yoniverse’ brought so much pleasure, connection and joy to her. However, she quickly learned that it was not the case of her girlfriends, and talking about that with her family was not so welcome. Growing up Marija was advocating for sexual liberation and awareness that there is nothing to be ashamed of.Her passion is to bring clarity that connection with our creative life force is the beauty of life and the right of everyone. She went on a personal journey of healing her lineage where the women were more victims and disconnected with their own pleasure. Enrolling in sacred sexuality workshops and women's circles helped her to integrate her personal love story with the Yoniverse and joyfully to spread the gifts with other sisters..Marija is a licensed psychotherapist, coach and kundalini yoga teacher. Supporting people and seeing them blooming into their wholeness is her passion. Her commitment is to facilitate more self-awareness among people and accompany them towards a more purposeful, meaningful and joyful life. She is trauma informed in all approaches to her work with clients. Last decade she traveled the world and connected with leading teachers, increasing her tool box in the field of mindfulness, embodiment, somatic experience, and trauma

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