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mer. 15 mars


Les Geneveys-sur-Coffrane

Embodied Feminine Wisdom Retreat


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Embodied Feminine Wisdom Retreat
Embodied Feminine Wisdom Retreat

Heure et lieu

15 mars 2023, 15:30 – 19 mars 2023, 16:00

Les Geneveys-sur-Coffrane, Les Geneveys-sur-Coffrane, Suisse

A propos de l'événement


for heart- and soul-centred women  deepening into the gifts of their embodied love.

Georgina and Marija join together once again to make available their innate gifts, extensive professional training and experience, the magic of authentic and radically honest sisterhood, and above all, big love, to offer you a truly profound experience.

Ready to explore your wild loving nature? Are you a woman who feels 

the ache of longing deep inside you to contribute to a world based on connection, love and respect, attuned with the rhythms of (your) Nature?

 Are you a woman who knows 

that the answers lie deeper inside, and that peace is found by embracing and leaning in to the full palette of feelings, emotions and experiences?


is a courageous and intimate path to meet yourself in and as the deep current of life, and to belong to your wholeness.

 This is your invitation 

4 days and nights dedicated to You, in a sweet place, close to nature, with an intimate group, to explore a journey of love through your body,  to self-care and listen deeply (with radical honesty), to rest, release, activate, and expand, to become vibrantly alive and actively engaged  in this sacred Life.

What does your heart say ?  How does your womb respond ? Through a combination of Somatic, Yogic, Tantric, Shamanic, and Circling approaches, you'll be exploring how to: 

  • connect more intimately with your body, nature, and others,
  • release attachment to old wounds, identities and limiting beliefs,
  • nurture inner safety, trust, confidence and sisterhood,
  • reactivate life-force, inner fire and vitality,
  • express your vulnerable and authentic self, your light and dark,
  • navigate change and transformation,
  • rest into uncertainty and mystery,
  • listen to your heart-womb wisdom, and
  • share your love, truth and the gift of your presence.


Spring Equinox is an invitation to make a sacred pause, just like the sun at its zenith now. It mirrors to us the perfect balance between light and dark.

It's a time to give thanks for the blessings of the internal and dark season of winter, and open your heart to the blossoming energy of Spring.

This retreat offers an opportunity for you to mark the turning of the season with intention, to attune your body to the natural cycles and rhythms, and let creative life force rise in you too.

Spring Equinox is season of hope, (re)birthing, renewal and new beginnings, when you consciously plant the seeds of what you want to grow in your life this year.

It's a time for Spring cleaning, supporting your body, heart and mind to be healthy and vibrant, moving stagnant energy and emotions, and beginning new habits that help you thrive.

RETREAT LOGISTICS ➡ This is where the power of sisterhood and community comes in. We help each other to rise up. We lovingly hold up mirrors that reflect both our light and dark, so that each woman accesses her authentic power and unique radiance.The programme is created to accompany you on a deepening journey of self-awareness, acceptance, love and freedom, as you navigate the energy,  rhythms, cycles and unknown of life. We shift attention from the outer world to explore the wonderfully dynamic landscape of your inner world. We descend from the mind to the vital energy of the body.The intention for this retreat is to tune into your inner resources, connecting to your heart-womb-earth wisdom, and to feel the natural impulse of aliveness that moves you. It is to cultivate trust in this inner guide, as well as your capacity to navigate life.

 Embodied Feminine Wisdom is essential for re-birthing and nurturing a new society. One based on love, embracing the gifts of our vulnerability, and caring for life. EVERY WOMAN IS A DOULA FOR THIS PROCESS. By dropping deeper into your body you'll become familiar with the language of the feminine, and reveal your unique way to express and dance in her current of wild love.For Registration please go on Georgina's Website directly

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